What got you here, won't get you there.

Every company will hit at least one ceiling under your leadership (a couple if your good). However, to transition to the next level can require change.  When companies experience success, they tend to fall in love with the structure, the processes, and/or the leadership that brought them to this point.  It is not unusual for success to create Blind Spots.

EOS erases Blind Spots.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System ("EOS") tools and processes, as described in the book, Traction, will eliminate Blind Spots throughout your organization and ensure you know what's working, and more importantly Who and What is not.

Back on Track!

After the first implementation session (Focus Day), you will begin to see the transformative potential of EOS.  After 90 days, with a full, effective, and efficient implementation you will rest easier knowing you are back on track to achieving the full potential of your business.

Why use an EOS Implementer?

To get what you want... FASTER!


It has been observed time and again that self-implementation companies take a year or more to achieve implementation.  Together, with your leadership team, we can achieve a full implementation in 90 days... but you'll observe significant benefits before then.


Most companies that self-implement tend to take short cuts and don't implement exactly as designed. This can lead to less than optimal results.  Together we will ensure you get a pure installation, and get everything you want out of your business.

Experience Counts

Corporate Executive to Entrepreneur to EOS Implementer

With over fifteen years of executive leadership in all three disciplines of business – Sales, Accounting, and Operations, I launched a startup, which I led for nearly 12 years, and successfully exited.  I am now using my education/certification, experience, and training to guide other owners and entrepreneurs to scale, transition, and transform their businesses by guiding them through an effective and efficient implementation of EOS into their business.

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